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Dry filter impurities filter mainly plays the role of the relevant parts installed in front of the capillary refrigeration system or pipeline, or installed in the electronic expansion valve and the outlet to collect the lubricating oil and solid impurities in the refrigeration system, prevent the blockage of the system and expansion valve and capillary, and ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline system.     Features: 1.Suitable for refrigeration, central air conditioning, automobile, ship and other air conditioning equipment; 2. Freeze compatible with existing oils and mixtures; 3. Can absorb water, acid and other pollutants; 4. A 50um filter can be maintained at a minimum pressure of a high efficiency filter; 5. Adopt solder joint type ODF or torch SAE; 6. The bracket structure can effectively cushion the impact of vibration on internal components. For refrigerator,freezer,air conditioning,compressor units.Words can be printed on the boby of the goods.Labels also available for your choise.Molecular sieves:XH-9.GR,7GR,10GR,12GR,15GR,20GR,25GR,30GR,40GR,50GR.Stop points available for both inlet and outlet or any one.Suitable for R134a,R12, R600a universal one.Packing: in common plastic bag or vacuum aluminium foil, then packed into carton or drum .We can produce according to drawings or sample.You can contact us for more detailed information.We also can produce as your requirment customized All of our products are customized as our client's need. Please kindly send us the design and specification of the product, and our team will be able to assist you. Our company has an professional management team and regards "quality fr survival, creddit for development" as the fundamental of factory operation.Our company aims at providing best quality by taking customer's need and satisfaction as the guide for its own existence and development. We will keep providing the hottest products to each famous air-conditioner manufacures.